Yerdle App Review – One Year Later 2015

(Cut to the Chase – Click here for 35 dollars to start)

“80% of household items are used less than once” (Yerdle, 2015). What a waste! What can we do? Maybe Yerdle can help.

There have been a lot of changes since my first Yerdle app review. I’ve gone through stages of no use, medium use and heavy use. For the past 6 months or so I have been a very active user and I can tell you all about how Yerdle now works so you can decide for yourself if you would like it.

How It Works

Yerdle is a marketplace for buying and selling stuff from around the house that would be of value to others, but is no longer of value to you. Instead of getting actual cash money for the goods, you earn Yerdle dollars (by posting your stuff), which you can then use to buy other goods on Yerdle.

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1 Tiny Fact That Can Change Your Perceptions Instantly

create meaning, no meaning

Image courtesy of nattavut/ freedigitalphotos.net

One of our main objectives is to avoid pain and suffering and move towards pleasure or at least non-suffering. Additionally, a lot of the suffering we experience is brought on by ourselves, and more specifically, by our thoughts about things. Furthermore, our thoughts about things come from the explicit meaning we give to any situation and circumstance, person, place or thing in our lives and in our worlds. Continue reading

3 Surefire Ways to Crush Negative Thinking and Be Happier Immediately

think good thoughts

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Okay, so we all have been around for the past decade and half when positive psychology has reared its smiling face and has taught us there is more to study in the realm than disorder and dysfunction. It is a field in its infancy so there is a lot of room to grow and understand and there is tons of value there. There are also a lot of unknowns and misunderstandings.
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9 Ways to Stay Cool in This Heat

stay cool in the heat

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The heat can be unbearable. Especially if it’s combined with dry and windy conditions. It can make people moody, sick, allergy ridden, and overall lethargic. Since I am especially heat sensitive I decided to pass along some nice tips I’ve learned along the way. Of course I will start with the obvious basics because sometimes they are easy to forget.

Stay Cool

#1. Drink plenty of water, but make sure to drink it throughout your day. You don’t want to drink up all at once and feel bloated. Feeling bloated and hot are a bad combination. Also, you can drink other things, but stay away from too much caffeine or alcoholic beverages. I know an iced latte or ice cold beer may sound nice on a hot day, but it’ll only make it worse.

#2. Cover them windows. If you don’t have central AC or even if you do, cover up windows that receive direct sunlight with heavy curtains, or you can improvise with a comforter. Yes, it can be that serious. It was so hot in the condo where I live yesterday that I felt the heat emanating from the walls.

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3 Ways to Make Your Commute Count

3 ways to make your commute count

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The average American spends 25.4 minutes per way driving to and from work, that’s about 190 hours per year, accounting for vacation and holiday time. In areas like Southern California, that number goes up quite a bit. It can be seen as wasted time, the cost of working where you want to work and living where you want to live, or a scourge on your existence but I believe it can be so much more. This time is given to you as a little gift from the traffic Gods and you can do amazing things with it.

Freeway University

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Cognitive Bias of the Week – 1 Way the Anchoring Effect Could Be Costing You

anchoring effect

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The Upside of Bias

Cognitive biases are a dime a dozen. Why are our thought processes so heavily laden with biases? Well, for one thing, biases actually help us or have helped us in some form or another, otherwise, we would not have them as a part of our evolutionary repertoire. Continue reading

Does Humanity Really Suck?

Doom and gloom is the tone of the day. We are on the brink of extinction, and have a better idea of the atrocities that happen every day – but is this the reality? Are we worse than we ever have been before? More violent, more deceitful, more uncaring? Continue reading

Confirmation Bias – Your Achilles’ Heel?

A lot of unhappiness and suffering stems from our misperception of the people and world around us. confirmationThese perceptions tell us the story or stories that can limit us and cause flawed decision making or set us free. A lot of the misperceptions come from false beliefs about ourselves and how we relate to the world. Continue reading

Limiting Beliefs – Why Conscious Efforts May Fail You

We’ve talked about limiting beliefs a couple of times on this blog, but we skipped over the nitty-gritty and talked about my experience with a belief elimination method, how I eliminated limiting beliefs and how it affected my life experience and results. (Here is the original post, and here is the two-year follow up.)

We haven’t discussed what a limiting belief is and how it manifests in your day-to-day life, showing up in the places that you are unhappiest. This can include your money situation, work situation, health situation, relationship situation and the relationship with yourself. It shows up in different places for different people based on their particular beliefs. It usually is much stronger is some areas.

What is a Belief?

A belief is something we hold to be true. Inherently, belief is the absence of doubt. We hold beliefs about everything and our beliefs inform our view of the world and our relationship to other people. Beliefs are also self-perpetuating.

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5 Quick Steps Towards Peace of Mind Now

Peace We can easily say we live in a world where distractions are the norm. There seems to always be background noise outside and within ourselves. There are so many things competing for our attention, there are things to remember, things to do, deadlines, and then, you have to sustain yourself with food and water and some exercise if you are lucky.

Well, here I am going to give you 5 quick steps towards peace of mind you can take right now.

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Clarify What You Value Most and Get More of It

clarify your values and get more of thatDefine and Prioritize Personal Values

Are you living your best life? If your answer is an unequivocal yes, that is super awesome and you must write to me and to the folks reading this and share your formula (seriously). You may also know you are in a small minority of people. Most of us know we can be doing better than we are. This could mean a lot of different things to different people but overall it’s the same idea. We could be spending more time with family or friends, taking better care of our health, cultivating our passions, spending more time in service, or anything that we know would improve our quality of life, yet we forgo either taking steps towards it or implementing it into our day-to-day lives. Continue reading

Manage Decision Making Fatigue = Make Better Decisions Faster and Easier

decision making fatigueDecision Making What?

Decision making fatigue is a real thing. The idea is that we have a limited amount of decision-making energy each day, and through the process of making decisions, this energy diminishes. Along with the energy, the quality of our decisions diminish as well. Have you ever been confronted with a simple question like, “What time do you want to have  dinner?” and it’s a big ordeal to think of an answer? This is due to decision making fatigue. This is bad news bears for those of us who make life changing decisions each day. The thing is we are all making life changing decisions each day – whether we know it or not. Continue reading

Tap or Pass: Yerdle App Review

Life Since Yerdle. Yerdle App Review

Click HERE for the latest Yerdle review – June 2015. The one below is over a year old and Yerdle has changed a lot since! 

yerdle review

It’s 9:01 am on any given day this week and I’m nervously refreshing my email. Yerdle’s message comes in each morning at approximately 9:02. Within this email they show off the coolest new items people have posted to give away. Yes, you read me right, people give away stuff and you can bid or “buy” with yerdle credits and a small shipping fee.

Yerdle refers to it as giving and receiving, not buying and selling. I’ve snoozed and lost before, this time I’m on it! The email comes in 23 seconds past the minute and I open it with as much dramatization as you can image an email being opened. Continue reading