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Eliminating Limiting Beliefs – The Lefkoe Method Review

Written By: Donna - Jul• 01•12

A few weeks ago my cousin sent out a link to our little group and stated that she liked this particular process which was provided in the email. I clicked on it, and thus began my journey with the Lefkoe Method.

The link led to Morty Lefkoe’s free introduction to his Natural Confidence package. So what exactly is the Lefkoe Method? In a nutshell, his program promises to rid us of deeply held beliefs which block us from reaching our true potential in life. I’ve been thinking a lot about beliefs as of late, and this program and what it claimed fell in line with what my work has been pointing towards. I used his free link to eliminate one of three beliefs, “I’m not good enough” and sort of forgot about it. I will say that during the process, I did feel an ever so subtle shift within myself. I noticed it, and moved on.

A couple of weeks later, I noticed I had been reacting to things in my life differently, to my job, my coworkers, certain situations and circumstances. Things that used to be “good enough” for me, no longer were. Something deep inside stated that I wanted and deserved more than what I had essentially been tolerating. Sooner or later, I connected the dots  . . . why is this change taking place? What have I done differently?

The Lefkoe method!

So I began my journey of research, was this guy for real? Is he legit? With so many out there claiming so much, a little skepticism is healthy. I delved into the online world and found out that someone I respected and trusted advocated Morty Lefkoe, Steve Pavlina. Then I found out someone else I really liked advocated Lefkoe, Paul Scheele. I began reading articles and reviews and even saw that Morty himself was submitting his method for peer review and scientific study. All this combined with my deeper inner feelings and reactions pointed to the notion that I had to try this.

The premise is simple (as I see it). As children we develop and form so many beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, from interactions with our parents or guardians. Our parents, who no doubt did the best they could, had no idea of the impact of their actions on us as young children. From multiple interactions which are similar we develop a myriad of beliefs, these beliefs follow us into adulthood and keep us from going after what we truly want and using our true potential. They mare us with self-consciousness, doubt, and over-concern of what others think of us. They paint our reality and hold us back in a major way. No matter what level of success we have reached, if we still have these beliefs, we are barely scratching the surface of what we are capable of.

As a part of the Lefkoe Method, I have eliminated 11 beliefs (I’m on my way to 19, and also 3 conditionings). I feel and react to the world differently. The little voice in my head which would speak in judgement and fear is not as strong, and I question it more often. I actually question the assumptions which went unquestioned, which were so much a part of my lens, they were just as good as reality.

I highly recommend the Lefkoe Method to anyone who wants to begin to expand into their full potential. Anyone who wants to leave self-sabatoging behaviors and thoughts at the door. Please feel free to email me, or comment below on the method and I’d be happy to answer any questions.

When we seek to make improvements in our lives, we must start with the Self. And when we start with the Self, we must understand how far back our history goes, and what has been compiled along the way. How can we use all of this as fuel to move forward and be the best version of ourselves? It starts with the understanding that anything can change any time, and that change is the nature of life. Stagnation is not, and when we move with the nature of things, life unfolds brilliantly.

Eliminate 3 beliefs for free:
Click on the top menu under “Free Belief-Elimination Program”.You will be asked to enter your name and email, he does not spam and you may opt out easily at any point. Using this link also helps to support this blog, so if you end up purchasing the Total Confidence program, I would be very grateful if you used this link.

Thanks so much and enjoy recreating your life!! I will write an update very soon!

Morty Lefkoe Recreate Your Life Review

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